Dumbbell Set

If you are interested in getting in shape, building a better looking body, and improving your health, a great piece of exercise equipment to have is a dumbbell set. Its the all-in-one piece of equipment to exercise every muscle group in your body. When it comes to buying a set, there are many different types to choose from that are sold in both retail stores and online.

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. There are a lot of helpful tips and advice that is freely available to you online to help you make the most out of your exercises. The health benefits from these types of exercises are huge. You have the ability to work every major muscle group and build a stronger skeleton in the process. Getting a hold of a set is an inexpensive way to improve your body image and strengthen your muscles.

Dumbbell Set Types

Here are the commonly-known dumbbells that are available to buy:

Adjustable Sets

Sets made of rubber are good for those who have delicate floors. Other types made of metal may cause damage to your floor.  Some people suffer from latex allergies so this product is not as popular as other types. This also applies to dumbbells that are made of Neoprene. Since this is a kind of synthetic rubber, it should also be avoided by those with allergies. What is good about this type of dumbbell is that it is  known to have the best grip which makes your workouts more effective.

Cast iron and chrome sets are the strongest  you can find and are made with a specific fixed weight. These types of dumbbells will last many years because they never change shape and are quite resistant to damage and breaking. Adjustable dumbbells are very convenient because the weight can either be increased or decreased by simply turning a switch.

This Exercise Equipment Comes with Some Awesome Features

Features  include:

Made from different materials that allow you to select  one that fits your     budget
Protection from damage to floors and other items around your house with the use of rubber or Neoprene coating
Grips that fit around your hands comfortably so that you dont form calluses during your workouts
Once you get your hands on a good set, you have the opportunity to invest in a personal trainer. Getting assistance from a pro will improve your exercise technique and prevent chances of injury
An adjustable dumbbell set comes with adjustable weight so that you can quickly increase muscle strength without having to go out and buy multiple barbell sets
Weight sets come with supporting equipment for safer workouts and better storage such as: dumbbell bench, dumbbell stand, dumbbell rack


There is a definite advantage when using dumbbell weights because these sets are simply the best home gym equipment out there. It allows you to get a fantastic, full-body workout without having to spend a lot of money on a gym membership. This is especially important given the current economic conditions we are experiencing.

Besides the fact that you will save a lot of money on home gym equipment and avoid overcrowded gyms, you actually get a better workout doing  exercises with this peice of equipment little to zero maintenance required for the system. Dumbbells isolate specific muscle groups more efficiently and accurately than exercise machines.

Adjustable dumbbells are especially beneficial since they are designed with selectorised weight that allows you to make adjustments that are compatible to your fitness level. Instead of buying different sets of weights to get the best workout, you only need one. This saves a lot of space in your home and you dont have to move a lot of different weights around which saves a lot of time. Instead of having a huge rack that could only fit in your garage, basement, or backyard, you simply need one rack for your  set that will fit anywhere in your home.

Recommended Tips and Advice

-    Before going out to buy a dumbbell set, make sure to test out the equipment to make sure that it grips well and provides the adequate weight you need to get a good workout-    For adjustable sets, test a floor model in a retail store and get a feel for how the weights work as well as how to adjust them. Check the adjustment mechanism to make sure it works properly

-    For beginners, women should begin using 8 -12 pound weights while men should start with a 20-25 pound set. Once you begin working out with these weights, you will quickly get stronger and need to progress to heavier weight

-    Start with simple dumbbell exercises where you work muscle groups in the standing, laying, or sitting position. Once you begin to see improvements, then you can progress into more advanced techniques

-    Choose the proper weight load. It is neither a good decision to select weight that is either too light or too heavy. Proper weight selection is important to get the best-quality workout

The Health Benefits from Dumbbell Set Exercises

Owning your own weight set will increase your health dramatically in just a short period of time. Strength training using a good set of dumbbells prevents you from painful injuries. Many people like to create their own makeshift  set using sandbags or milk jugs. These materials are very unstable and can break causing a huge mess or in worst cases serious bodily injury.

Dumbbells Provide Incredible Strength Training To Keep You In Shape

-    Build lean muscle to improve body strength and burn body fat

-    Physical and mental health improves because of continuous aerobic     exercise

-    Older adults can enjoy improved balance which minimizes the chance of an accidental fall

-    Decreased chance of developing diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis due to a routine strength training workout

-    Lessens the chance of developing a wide variety of chronic conditions

Huge Variety of Exercises to Choose From

You can exercise both your upper and lower body using these basic dumbbell exercises:

Biceps- Standing bicep curl to cut those arm muscles

Triceps Kneeling tricep extension to sculpt the arms

Chest Dumbbell chest press to get to isolate the pectorals

Shoulder Press Stand erect while working the entire shoulder group

Back Seated upright rows burns those back muscles

Abs The dumbbell oblique rotation is an excellent way to get a nice six-pack
Hamstrings Lunges with dumbbells gets this muscle groups ripped

Calves Weighted calf raises to improve leg strength

Quads Isolate this muscle group doing squats

Remember, when doing  exercises it is extremely important to stretch before any exercise and make sure to use proper form at all times. Do not attempt any exercise without proper instruction on form and breathing control. This helps prevent injury and allows you to isolate muscle groups more effectively.  If you ever feel any discomfort or pain, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.


Investing in a dumbbell set is a fantastic idea considering the amount of money saved as well as the huge physical benefits you can achieve from a piece of equipment that will last a very long time.

The features and advantages of having your own weight set far outweigh those offered by other exercise products and services. With all the available tips and exercises available to you both locally as well as online, you can get the perfect body you want in no time. Not only will you be able to show off a nice, fit body, but you will achieve your health goals as well.

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